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Board with Life Adventures

Board with Life Adventures (formerly Board with Life Radio) follows an irreverent game of Dungeons and Dragons played well. Dungeons. Dragons. Dice. Jokes.

Jul 16, 2014

In the first episode of our D&D campaign the Board with Life cast and crew sit down and fumble their way through the new 5th edition box set.

Featured players:

Donald Shults (Show-Runner/Writer/Director - Board with Life) as the Dungeon Master

Chris Bryan (Show-Runner/Writer/Director - Board with Life) as Aryn Theifyeller the Criminal Halfling Rogue

Kellen Voss (Producer/Audio - Board with Life) as Tharma the Elf Wizard who feels out of place in the world.

Niki Shults (Writer/Director - Board with Life) as Howl Windmount the fated Dwarven Fighter.

Adam Henderson (Editor - Board with Life) as Elfman Nineteeneightysyx The Human archer who longs to be an elf.

Casey Barteau (Show-Runner/Writer/Director - Board with Life) as Caster Troy the disillusioned Dwarven Cleric.

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