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Board with Life Adventures

Board with Life Adventures (formerly Board with Life Radio) follows an irreverent game of Dungeons and Dragons played well. Dungeons. Dragons. Dice. Jokes.

Aug 3, 2015

It's part 2 our Gen Con experience. APPARENTLY I FAILED AT UPLOADING THIS AND WAS SO TIRED I DIDN'T NOTICE! Anyway... This is an unedited and casual discussion recorded in a noisy area with a group who is exhasted and sleepy.

Donald is joined by many guests including:

Alan Gerding & Sean McCoy ( Two Rooms and a Boom )

Joel Eddy ( Drive Thru Review )

Hunter Shelburne ( Weapons Grade TableTop )

Peter Wocken ( Graphic Designer )

Mathew Gravelyn ( Designing Cardboard )

Niki Shults (Board with Life )